Mega Man 2

Even 22 years after its release, the Mega Man 2 game is still the all-time bestseller of the Mega Man series. The NES game is critically acclaimed to have one of the best video game music soundtracks ever composed.

Mega Man 2

American magazine Game Informer listed the title theme of Mega Man 2 as “one of the five best video game openings of all time”. listed the Dr. Wily Stage 1 – 2 music as the “2nd best video game theme ever” (only second to the world famous Legend of Zelda theme). And Brandon Sheffield, Game Developer Magazine’s editor-in-chief,  states that the Mega Man 2 music should be an example to today’s game music developers because of its strong and recognizable melodies.

On this album The Greatest Bits honours the Japanese composers by crafting full Mega Man remixes out of the (originally shorter) game loops. The Greatest Bits combines top class sound production with the unique sound and feel of the original “chipsounds” from the 80’s and early 90’s. The result is a retrogame crossover album that’s extremely suitable for today’s headphones and speakersets.

"The Greatest Bits releases finely mixed, loud and proud video game arrangements that knock harder than Takashi Tateishi could have ever imagined!" (DJ Cutman on

Check out the samples of Mega Man 2 on the  Video Game Music page!

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Mega Man 2
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