Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

“In the late 80’s, I was Michael Jackson. I stepped into a darkend night club, flipped a coin into the jukebox, and suddenly a chiptune version of Smooth Criminal started playing…”

After releasing the albums Thriller and Bad, Michael Jackson was not only the reigning King of Pop, but also a Prince of Videogames (with Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog as the untouchable supreme rulers).

In the SEGA Michael Jackson game Moonwalker you could be MJ himself on a mission to save kidnapped kids from the evil “Mister Big”. The game was accompanied by chiptune versions of Michael Jackson’s most memorable hits.

After releasing the critically acclaimed albums Mega Man 2, Donkey Kong Country and Tetris, video game dj The Greatest Bits now releases a tribute album to Michael Jackson as a video game star. This Moonwalker music album contains the songs Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Another Part of Me, Billie Jean, Bad and Thriller. All restyled in retrogame sounds.

Check out the samples of “Moonwalker: 8-bit tribute to Michael Jackson” on the Video Game Music page!

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