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"A wonderful blend of 8 bit beeps and drones with a whole new modern twist.

I am happy to give this a rating  of 97%" on Mega Man 2


“The Greatest Bits (TGB) does a great job of melting his techno/dance influence with the 8-bit charm he clearly loves.

One of my favorite tracks on the Donkey Kong Country album is “Fear Factory”.

With a heavy industrial atmosphere, TGB makes it into a great industrial/dance mix that I can imagine being played in a club (a very nerdy one).”



"The Greatest Bits' Tetris EP is something of musical genius. Its quick, its catchy and its beyond clever."



"The Greatest Bits manages to keep everything sounding simultaneously cheap and blippy yet full and modern.

Most importantly, this sounds fun, and fun is what video games are supposed to be about."

(Roctober Magazine on Mega Man 2)


"The Greatest Bits understands why chiptunes are aurally stimulating and is able to seamlessly blend it with traditional instruments resulting in fuller, richer versions of the songs he covers.

If you are a fan of video game remixes, I recom-mend you should check this album out." 

( on Donkey Kong Country)

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