So I maniacally like making music and playing video games…

TGB_Alex_Kidd_SEGABoth of these fascinations started when I was a kid. At home we played Super Mario Bros, Mega Man, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter games a LOT.

When my 2 younger brothers started to beat me 9 out of 10 times playing Super Mario Kart, I knew I’d better focus on something else. I was recording music regularly with the local bands I played in, so why not try to record some enhanced versions of my favorite video game music compositions?

Since the music of Mega Man 2 was my all time favorite, I started over there in 2010 and I followed up with Donkey Kong Country in 2011. VGM’s greatest hits? Let’s call them The Greatest Bits.

Since then I cannot seem to stop myself and produced over 450 video game related tracks on 40+ albums. Every single composition is handled with love, dedication and care and I try to bring the best out of it every time.

A list is found over here, and the tracks can be listened to on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play MusicDeezer and other music services. Royatlies are payed to the original composers and publishers for every single song that is streamed and/or downloaded (thank you Loudr!).

I’m always happy to hear what you think. I can have moments when I’m not actively responding (probably busy making music in my home studio!), but I read everything and I have already learned a lot from your valuable feedback.