Mega Man 3

Since its original release in the fall of 1990, Mega Man 3 (also known as Rockman 3: The End of Dr. Wily) has gone down in gaming history as one of the most celebrated Nintendo Entertainment System titles of all time. Featuring new levels, new music tracks and the introduction of Mega Man’s robot dog companion, Rush, it marked the end of the original Mega Man trilogy, bringing it to a graceful conclusion before the later games were conceptualized.

Mega_Man_3Though not quite as influential (nor quite as long) as that of its older brothers, the Mega Man 3 soundtrack is still worth remembering. Its use of energetic beats, smooth synthesizers and classic chiptunes made for a truly unique and memorable album.

From its slightly somber title theme to its triumphant end credits music, the Mega Man 3 soundtrack was an instant classic. The in-game songs themselves perfectly reflected the individual stages and Robot Masters they were composed to represent.
Consider Shadow Man’s theme: fast and upbeat — perfect for a ninja flying through the night. Meanwhile, Snake Man’s theme is one of the most eerily catchy tracks in the series, hypnotic and smooth, reminiscent of an old snake charmer’s song.

Though short, Mega Man 3’s soundtrack remains a fan favorite. Composer Yasuaki Fujita really outdid himself with this title. Even if Mega Man 3 is considered the least polished of the original series when it comes to gameplay, its soundtrack is among the best,

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