Mega Man X music

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The early Mega Man games were fun and slightly goofy adventures built around themed stages and strategic boss fights. Mega Man X, however, reinvented the formula for the 16-bit generation with bigger levels, better graphics, and a more serious storyline and cast. Though more “mature” reimaginings of beloved family-friendly classics more often than not end in disaster, Mega Man X was an example of this trope done right. The game struck a chord with the fanbase, and remains a fan-favorite despite its contrasting nature with its NES-based brothers.

Mega Man X musicMega Man X still has the insanely catchy and energetic music of the earlier games, but here, the fast-paced beats and reverberating bass line feel far more appropriate. Right from the get-go, players are treated to the track “Awake Road”, which features a nice futuristic beat to establish the setting. “Stage Start” should be familiar to any classic Mega Man fan, as those who listen closely will discover that is is actually a remix of the boss introduction theme from earlier games. Another notable track is “Spark Mandrill“, which perfectly suits the high-speed action found in the stage’s brightly lit corridors with it adrenaline-pumping baseline and classic chiptune percussion.

Mega Man X showed us that it was perfectly okay to be serious once in a while. It still has that timeless Mega Man charm, and the soundtrack, as always, delivers spectacularly.

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