Mega Man 11 Music

Mega Man 11 Block Man
Heat Man (Mega Man 2) vs. Block Man (Mega Man 11)

You are probably as happy as I am, now that Capcom finally released Mega Man 11. The game is really looking great; full of the Mega Man legacy we all love, while also adding modern touches to the game.

The music is also wonderful again! Some tracks (Dr Wily Stage theme, Impact Man, Fuse Man) really got me jumping around at a first listen. Others I had to give a few spins before fully appreciating them, but overall I must say I find it a really inspiring soundtrack again.

Capcom really abandoned the retro 8-bit chiptune elements from the music now, but the compositions and structures of the songs are still in a really recognisable Mega Man style. The production (sounds) are just more 2018 now, which is an understandable choice, even for a chiptune-affecionado like myself 🙂

Mega Man 11 music by The Greatest Bits
Currently working on a full Mega Man 11 album

As good as it all sounds, I still cannot resist the temptation of making my own renditions of the Mega Man 11 soundtrack. They will probably have a bit more of a rock feel – with some chiptune elements here and there – instead of the more EDM sounding originals. I am working on them now (happy days for me 🙂 ) and will try to get an album out as soon as possible.

I already have a demo of the Mega Man 11 main theme audio here. Check it out if you like 🙂