Street Fighter 2

Ready for a “Sonic Boom”?

The music from the Street Fighter characters has accompanied them for about 25 years now. Every (retro)gamer knows which tune will start if you fight Ryu in Japan or get flying kicks from Chun-Li in China.

Street Fighter 2 music
Street Fighter 2 music

One of the best YouTube virals still is the “Guile’s theme goes with everything” collection. So true! You should watch me eat my cereals in the morning with a grumpy sleepy face. Guile’s theme makes even this look like the start of another epic journey.

But to be honest, I still prefer the theme during a Guile vs Guile fight 🙂

Hearing the Street Fighter 2 theme and the player select music still make me feel as excited as they did in the early nineties.

I tried to make every song stand out in it’s own way. A rocking version of the opening tune, an EDM version of Guile’s theme, a jamming band version of Balrog’s theme and a kind-of deadmau5 style progressive house version of E. Honda’s theme. I hope it makes the album sound as diverse as the game characters are.

Please enjoy the Street Fighter 2 OST tribute, and I’m always happy to receive your feedback.