Mega Man 11 Music

Mega Man 11 Block Man
Heat Man (Mega Man 2) vs. Block Man (Mega Man 11)

You are probably as happy as I am, now that Capcom finally released Mega Man 11. The game is really looking great; full of the Mega Man legacy we all love, while also adding modern touches to the game.

The music is also wonderful again! Some tracks (Dr Wily Stage theme, Impact Man, Fuse Man) really got me jumping around at a first listen. Others I had to give a few spins before fully appreciating them, but overall I must say I find it a really inspiring soundtrack again.

Capcom really abandoned the retro 8-bit chiptune elements from the music now, but the compositions and structures of the songs are still in a really recognisable Mega Man style. The production (sounds) are just more 2018 now, which is an understandable choice, even for a chiptune-affecionado like myself 🙂

Mega Man 11 music by The Greatest Bits
Currently working on a full Mega Man 11 album

As good as it all sounds, I still cannot resist the temptation of making my own renditions of the Mega Man 11 soundtrack. They will probably have a bit more of a rock feel – with some chiptune elements here and there – instead of the more EDM sounding originals. I am working on them now (happy days for me 🙂 ) and will try to get an album out as soon as possible.

I already have a demo of the Mega Man 11 main theme audio here. Check it out if you like 🙂

Super Mario Odyssey Music: Jump Up Super Star!

Hi there Plumbers and Princesses 🙂

This week is the Big Week: Super Mario Odyssey is coming out on Nintendo Switch! And to celebrate, I just released my first ever track with vocals: an alternate take on the Super Mario Odyssey theme song: “Jump Up, Super Star!”. Please check it out on Spotify, Apple Music / iTunes, Google Play Music, Deezer, Amazon MP3, SoundCloud and YouTube.

To get the vocals I really wanted for this track, I worked with the wonderful Florida based singer Athena Dawn, who had her studio up and running again just in time after the damage done by hurricane Irma last month. I’m really excited about the result, and I hope you’re too!

I’m always happy to hear your thoughts. Enjoy your Odyssey!


PS If you’re hungry for some more Nintendo Switch music: I did a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild album too! It’s out on SpotifyApple Music / iTunesDeezer and Amazon MP3.

Megalovania Remixed

So after doing a Zelda Breath of the Wild album and a (mostly Nintendo and SEGA) Requests album, I thought I’d try something different. I made 9 different versions of Undertale’s Megalovania, in various EDM styles. The remixes range from Electro House to Tropical House, and from Progressive House to Chillout.

I don’t know if I succeeded in making a quality album which is a good listen for all 9 tracks, but if you’re a fan of Undertale then you’ll probably find something worth listening to. At least I hope so! I’m always happy to hear what you think!

The Megalovania Remix album is out now on


Apple Music / iTunes:


Google Play Music:


Amazon MP3:

The album is released through BitCave Records (

Pokemon Sun & Moon Music album

Just a quick shout out to let you know that my Pokemon Sun & Moon music album (12 tracks) is out now! 8 different battle themes: Skull Leader Guzma Battle theme, Solgaleo & Lunala, Totem Pokemon Battle & more. And also new versions of Gladion’s theme, the spheric Po Town theme, The Jazzy Hau’oli Night theme and the Suspense-ive (…) Showdown of Lusamine. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


Apple Music / iTunes:

Google Play Music:

Merry Chipmas Chillout (and a thank you)

Thank you for your support (again!) in 2016. It is a wonderful thing to make music and get so many supportive comments.

This week I got a message from Spotify with a summary of 2016: totally unbelievable for someone who tends to get nervous performing for more than 100 people 🙂

I am very grateful for everything since my first album in 2010, thanks Quite a Bit!!


Please enjoy the holidays and download my Merry Chipmas Chillout (relaxing 8-bit style classics) MP3 album if you like.

Or if you’re feeling Loud ‘n Proud, download the Jingle Bells Bangers Remix over here (courtesy of my good olde’ friend Futureboy 5000 😉 ).


I hope to still be seeing you in 2017. I’m working on some nice new musical projects, varying from energetic EDM oriented remixes to relaxing Sunday morning lounge style albums. And a special album to honor a couple of your inspiring requests.

Let’s have some good times in the new year!


Nanne (The Greatest Bits)

That’s Phoenix, Wright?

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney SoundtrackRight!

I worked on a 7-track album with new versions of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney soundtrack. The opening track “Pursuit / Cornered” has a restless chiptune rocking vibe, while the second one “Objection!” is a more laid back relaxing piece of music. The Steel Samurai (Warrior of Neo Olde Tokio) has gotten quite a full arrangement with heavy drums, brass sections, distorted guitar riffs and an 8-bit synth too. And there’s 4 more tracks to check out: Cross Examination, Dick Gumshoe, Confess the Truth and the last one: Logic and Tricks. I tried to give that one a 90’s alternative dance style vibe, inspired by Leftfield and Orbital.

You can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, DeezerSoundCloud & YouTube.

I hope you’ll like it.

OBJECTION…! Anyone…? Let me know 🙂

An Undertale Song That Might Turn Into Raging Guitar Solos When You Play It…

When working on my Undertale tribute album I was happy to be making new versions of Spider Dance, Bonetrousle, MEGALOVANIA and 8 other wonderful compositions by Toby Fox. Somehow I didn’t get to include the Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans.

tgbfightsansdefSince I think it’s a wonderful “rocker” I made a new version of it, trying to combine some smooth chiptune synths with raging heavy metal guitar solo parts. Containing the roughest guitar parts compared to all the 500 tracks I made so far… 🙂 I hope you like it!

Here it is on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, YouTube, Google Play and Deezer.

I’m also working on some new remixes for Asgore and Megalovania – more on those soon!

And I’m working on a request album as well. If you have suggestions – be sure to let me know!

Pokemon Go map theme & Pokemon X & Y music

Recently released:

  • a (quite relaxing) version of the Pokemon Go main map music theme
  • a full album of Pokemon X & Y tracks. I tried to get the energy levels way op on 6 different Battle themes – including Xerneas & Yveltal Battle and the Elite 4 Battle theme. And a few more relaxing other themes like Anistar City in between.

pokemon_xandy_tgb_defYou can find it on your favorite music / streaming service:

iTunes / Apple Music:
Google Play Music:
Amazon MP3:


Metal Gear (NES) Music

Listen to the Metal Gear NES music tribute on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon MP3.

Metal Gear Music (NES)Before there were magical nanomachines and photosynthetic plant men, there were deadly poisonous Zanzibar hamsters. “Metal Gear Solid” may have popularized Hideo Kojima’s off-the-wall stealth series, but it all began in 1987 with the original “Metal Gear” on the MSX2, later tweaked and ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the following year. Both games had their own unique soundtracks, and while the music of the MSX2 version was popular enough to make appearances in later entries in the franchise, the music of the NES version has largely been forgotten. This is most unfortunate, as its soundtrack is one of its few consistent strengths.

While “Metal Gear’s” soundtrack is dramatically shorter than that of its contemporaries, it starts off strong with “Aerial Insertion” — perfect music to parachute to! “Jungle Infiltration” immediately follows, its echoing percussion and minor key melody calling to mind a stealthy shuffle through enemy-laden flora.

“Base Infiltration” is a more energetic and mysterious take on its predecessor, and no player has ever gone without hearing the largely similar “Intruder Detected” themes. They don’t quite have the same panic-stricken energy of later games’ “Encounter,” but the frantic beat and 8-bit alarms certainly heighten the tension.

Get your trip back to the NES version of Metal Gear at iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play Music and Amazon MP3 🙂